Could this be a break up due to fear of commitment and is it possible to save the relationship?

About 2 weeks ago, my girlfriend decided we needed some time apart, understandable as we had only spent 6 days apart in a month since we made our relationship official. We had been dating for 6 months before that, and at one time a couple months into it I got the "lets be friends" talk. We got past that, and after 5 months we made it official. We were talking that evening and she said a problem she had is a fear of commitment, before that she had told me she had to weigh out the pros and cons of a relationship with me, also because she had been on the rebound was another reason we took our time.

For that month, things were almost perfect, and got better, which is why we spent so much time together, however, neither of us had a job so it was 24 hours a day. Our sex life was great, and even that week before our break she started making things more interesting. She was extremely devoted to our relationship and the plans we made together, the number of nights I stayed there were at her request as many times I had just planned a couple nights.

We were at the point I knew her so well I could tell what she was thinking, mostly, and knew there was an issue before she said something about a break, but she couldn't give much of a reason while talking to me, only by typing a letter, her big reason saying a lack of "passion" of wanting to be with me all the time, however, in bed, it did not show, even sleeping she wanted to cuddle up with me.

Last night we saw each other for the first time in 2 weeks, (we had kept in touch only in texts), at a party i catered for. we talked at the end of the night, and she couldnt look me in the eye when she was saying she didn't think we could try again, but the whole evening, she and I were together and things seemed back to normal, and our conversations were a little better than before. My gut told me at the end of the night she was going to say it, and it came across like what she wants in a man is impossible.


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  • You should break up.


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