I'm excited a week after my break up. Is it normal?

I'm excited a week after break up. Is it normal?

I recently broke up with my ex boyfriend because he was using me in a way. He also, cheated. For the first couple days I was sad and depressed. Today, I've been extremely excited for the future. Is it normal for me to feel like this so soon? Has anyone gone through the same change of emotions?

There isn't any contributing factor for my happiness. No men, nothing.


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  • I'm actually doing the same thing, I understand you 100% :)
    Me and my ex boyfriend broke up for the last time last Friday, and I feel happy and free. I feel like I have gotten my life and spirit back. It's normal, I think, when you get out of a toxic and emotional abusive relationship to feel this way. Your subconscious is happy :)
    And I'm happy for you. Good luck with whatever your future holds :)


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  • its normal, you have freedom!

  • this is normal. you've been hold onto someone who's not worth your tears bcs he used you and he cheated. so now forget him and be excited for your future. good luck :)


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