Did you ever feel like you were holding an ex back?

Maybe it's just post relationship stuff.. but ever since my ex broke up with me.. it seems like she's having the time of her life... going out more... going to parades.. doing school events... things like that... It almost felt like I was holding her back especially since we were long distance (only an hour away.. I should have gone to see her) but it just seems like she had to be more reserved when we dated.. Nothing to even do with guys.. but like making sure she made time for me.. and all this other stuff... but now it's like she's living her life.. it almost was like that she felt like her freedom was ending.. and I think that scared the hell out of her


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  • It's very possible, so I'm assuming you guys broke up

    • Yeah.. two weeks ago this coming Monday... I don't think she was ready to settle down... we had like a peaceful breakup.. even though I miss her.

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    • That's true... I think she also doesn't want to get attached or she's busy.. because usually on weekdays.. after like 5-6.. I won't hear from her till the next day... and when we were in a relationship.. we would text all night... I honestly dont know what to think lol... Do you think a getting back together in the future is possible?

    • I think anything possible , but who am I.

  • It is better to move on.


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