Why can't he just get over it already?

My ex is getting on my last damn nerve lol.
He broke up with me 5 years ago. We only dated for 6 months and didn't even have sex.
I was crazy about him and admitted to loving him after 5 months of being together. I did not expect him to feel the same, but he lied to me and pretended he did.

But he keeps contacting me and won't get the hell over it lol
How do i get him to get over it? I feel bad.

Back story:
Less than two weeks after breaking up with me he came running back all like "i made a mistake" blah blah. But I did not want him back because he ignored me for the last two weeks of the relationship and he broke my heart. Two months after that i started dating my current boyfriend, been with him ever since.

At first my ex would contact me for "closure" but i eventually got tired of coddling him so i stopped responding.

Then he wanted to be friends and I thought he was over it, but he wasn't. He kept bringing up his regrets about us, so i distanced myself. Deleted him on fb, added him again later on.

Now he tries to pick fights with me on Facebook over news stories i post for no reason. Eventually it always seems to include random snipets about why we didn't work out or his regrets.


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  • Oh, I feel bad for you :/ And also kind of bad for him, since he can't get over this. He is clearly obsessed, and it's not healthy for either you, him or your "new" boyfriend.
    I think the best thing you can do, even thought you might feel bad for him, is to just cut all contact and stop responding. He will probably be very upset at first, but after a while he will calm down and move on, hopefully.
    It will be better for all of you. You seem like you have a big heart, so don't absorb the guilt. :)
    Good luck!


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  • I know this from experience, if you really want someone out of your life, you'll make it happen. Block him from your phone, facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat, and whatever else the hell is out there. And DONT unblock. The past is the past.

  • Damn, sounds like the guy is obsessed. Stop giving him attention and hopefully he'll go away.

    • I try, but then he just makes me feel bad :( we used to be friends, I don't know why he's like this. He didn't even like me lmao

    • Well, think of it this way: He is not someone you enjoy having in your life, therefore you don't need him in it. Tell him to leave you alone then cut him out of your life so you can be happy and unbothered.

  • just give it time.


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