Break up for these reasons?

just celebrated a yr. anniv. wiht boyfriend. the beginning is always the chase. one thing we talked about was me wanting to do couples thing - ballroom dancing that i love love. I also teased that he shold get his license so we can take turn driving when we go on long drives. these would be fun. he got the menual for driving and said he promised me.
few days ago, had a bad fight then realized he hasn't done any of the things he promised. like finding a dancing studio or go for weekend drive.
i am very sad and feel he is lying or leding me on someting of empty promise. i know he has lied about other little things but nothing that would worry too much, we all do that at times.
but should these be a base for break up?


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  • I think that you should give him a chance to explain. If he can't give you a good excuse or a reason why he has been lying to you then you should definitely break up with him, because you have no clue what else he has been lying to you about.

    • he said he didn't think the relationship would last this long so he just said yes for those things. there are other little white lies we all tell... noting too harmful...
      we have been talking about marriage and moving in, but now i don't know.

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    • No problem I am glad to help.

    • lol. I sound very serious for some reason.

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