I am going to be stubborn on this one and NEVER contact him again.

Well it's been 4 months since the break-up and we were still texting and calling occasionally. For the past 2 months we had been talking about going to a movie but when the day came, he didn't call to cancel..just texted he stayed home all day. I had been telling him how much I miss him as my guy and how much I wanted to get back together..this is through text. He came by 12/23 with a token Christmas gift when I bought him an expensive one. He stayed a short time and said again we'll see a movie "after the holidays..it's busy." You know what? I texted him New Year's day telling him I am confused and do not know what he is thinking...if we are going to date again or if he just thinks of me as a pal or buddy. I told him how I was feeling, like he is hesitating having a real relationship with me and how I wished he was with me Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve and now he's putting off that movie a few more weeks. I explained I deserved to have someone love me the way I love him and I just wish I knew what was up with him because he seems so standoffish lately. I have not texted or called since New Year's Day. Do you think he will ever at least tell me where I stand or what I mean to him or just discuss what's going on? I am going to be stubborn on this one and NEVER contact him again. HE has to call or text. I think he gets the sense I'm fed up, confused and am ready to get out there dating again. Am I doing the right thing?


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  • Absolutely doing the right thing. Yot gotta do you, and that's it. I know it's easier said than done. I've been through it, and I can honestly say that if you're putting more in than what your getting out, then it's not worth your time. Repayment as you will. Repayment for your time and devotion. Not financial repayment, but emotional and mental repayment.

    My grandmother told me once, and some gentlemen on here might not like this, but "Always make sure that the man is a little more into you than you are into him." Makes perfect sense. DO NOT CONTACT HIM ANYMORE! And if he wants to talk to you, then he better call or send a letter. Texting is childish and gets people off the hook. No more texting people!

    • I know. I told him I feel like I went from girlfriend to text buddy. Now this guy just asked me Dec 26th if I wanted to get a motorcycle to go riding with him in the Spring. Now, this is what we planned while we were together so now I'm confused....he wants to do things with me but has not come back into my life as my guy. I am confused and just want some clarity I told him. I saw him Nov 16th...made him a birthday cake, got him a nice present. He doesn't want affection and is acting weird.

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    • What's worse is he broke up with me Sept 7th on my B-Day and he started coming around again..once in Oct, once in Nov and now once in Dec. He has never said he was sorry for hurting me..only that he was under stress with life and felt fine 3 weeks later. But he is not taking initiative to take me out...but will text everyday. I stopped texting like I said. It's not good for me.

    • Yep...I figured out Grandma's right. I always said, "Love is equal when HE loves you more than you love him." sorry guys.

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  • i think you should wait for him to text...and when he does...make him wait...play hard to get...and ifmake sure he really wants it before you try again... if you do start dating again..you can't for getabout this time and how he is acting now...


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