How to get over my ex?

I'm 13 and I have been dating a guy for the past 5 months. I know you're probably thinking as to why I'm dating at this age. I have no explanation, all that I can say is that recently I've been feeling extremely alone. Not just because of my boyfriend, but also just in general. I only have 1 close friend and even though I can talk to other people, I just can't find somewhere I belong - especially not with girls in my year group. Sometimes I have melt downs as I'm not like other girls who can easily make friends. Having a boyfriend means I have someone who is always there for me and I'll be there for them. It makes me feel complete. I know he wouldn't love me, because it's obvious that someone our age wouldn't know what love is yet. Anyway my ex used to care so much for me, I cared for him also. The actual reason we broke up was because my family wouldn't allow this sort of thing and I didn't want to keep anymore secrets. I wish he was mine again. He liked me for so long but at first I had rejected him. He's always been a player (aha he's 13) but I know how much he used to value me, but a week after he was dared to get a girl's number. And since then he keeps flirting with her and telling everyone about how he's over me and how he 'wants' that girl. It pains me as he always talks about her now and I overhear. That girl is really nice. He no longer walks with me, speaks to me (unless its a couple of words) and does that with her. He doesn't glance at me in the classroom like he used to when he thought I couldn't see. When we were going out we never knew exactly what to say, so our conversations were quite short but still meaningful. One day he told me that I am not a very good conversationalist ( in a jokey way - it's actually true though) but today he was talking about that girl and about how their conversations run for hours. Now, I regularly flirt with guys just because I don't want to feel alone. I want to cry... How can I move on?


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  • Just cheer up hun boys are the worst

    • Yeah, but you can't live without us, haha, we'll drive you nuts but, you know you like us too

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