Ex talks to me, gets into another relationship?!

So my ex is really confusing me. He and I had been talking about possibly getting back together. We both kept telling each other "I love you" etc. But days after, he gets into a relationship.

WTF! (Right?!)

Well, we talked a day or so ago, and he tells me that he much rather be with me, and how he doesn't really like his new girlfriend anymore than friend wise. I then ask him "Why are you with her then?" His response is that she just asked him and he said yes - that she was one of the few he actually liked. It supposedly caught him in the moment. We still tell each other stuff as if we're in a relationship - and I don't want that. I just want him. I don't want to share him with anyone else. Plus he's with someone else. I'm so confused about this situation.

Now my question is: if you talk to an ex about getting back together, yet the ex gets with someone else days later, what does that mean? Is he playing me? He's confused himself? What?

Thank you.


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  • I'd say he's being a playa. If you are the one who cares more, you are at a disadvantage. Distance yourself from him, let him know that he can only have one girlfriend at a time. This excuse is that she asked him! How lame.

  • sounds like he is playing you. I would just move on in this situation.


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