Should I send a birthday gift/card?

I've been separated from my husband of 14 years for 9 1/2 months, last saw and communicated with him May 3rd where he explicitly told me that he blocked me from all electronic communication and did not want to try to work things out.

And the only reason we even spoke of that was because HIS family had been telling ME that he was going to them talking about me being the love of his life and him being afraid to approach me because I was so angry at him.

Needless to say that I was extremely perplexed about his reaction when we finally spoke.

So, should I send him a birthday gift/card?
Why or why not?
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I would say send him a birthday card and tell him some things in it that are on your mind
    but make sure this feels right to you and by all means follow your heart just make sure this is not something that will be temporarily between you two and don't be afraid to speak what's on your mind but i say a birthday card is sufficient enough i would not sugar coat things ,

    • Well, his birthday is today and it's already after 10pm and I have not done anything for it. It feels strange because this is a habit broken after over 14 years of doing it. As sad as I think it is, I'm glad I didn't put myself out there again.

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    • Thanks again and you're welcome.

Most Helpful Girl

  • i dont think you should... i can't really explain why without it sounding mean. but i think you should do you and let him, to his thing. he might take it the wrong way.

    • Please do explain why. Even if it sounds mean I'd like to at least make some sense of it. Thanks for your input.

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    • Good for you!!! :D ur stronger than u think!!! I'm glad u took most people's advice...
      I know its hard but it will get easier and easier...

    • Thanks again.

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