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This guy I had been dating for almost 3 month dumped me after the first week we started college. He was my first kiss and also the closest thing to a real relationship I've ever had. We dont go to the same college but they are like 10 mins apart. Anyway so after work we went and got ice cream then he took me home and he said we need to talk about something. I thought he was gonna make us official cause we had actually hadn't called each other gf/bf but our friends and family did. Instead he say he wanted to go back to being friends, because he like how we where then. He said he didn't have time to be a good boyfriend so he wanted to break up, but he still wanted to hang out. I was totally shocked because he couple skated with me at work and held my hand in front of everyone that night. Even told someone that asked him if we would dating that we were. Why would you do that if you were going to break up with me right after work? I kinda just laughed nervously when he told me that and said ok then went inside and cried myself to sleep. We had plans to hang out that Sunday and we still did cause I didn't want him to think he I couldnt and it was just like normal except we didn't make out afterwards. He still paid for dinner even though I tried my hardest to get the waiter to bring 2 checks. Then last week he came to work my a hickey on his neck trying his best to hide it from everyone. I actually didn't notice but my friend did and told me the next day. I asked him about it and he said he regretted making out with the girl and he couldnt careless about her. I've talked to him several times about why he dumped me and he always says he stills cares misses me and has feelings for me he just doesn't have time right now. I dont know if he is lying to me or is just crazy. I know its stupid but I kinda believe him and I still want him back even though he has hurt me. I know I should move on but I think I actually loved him and I still dont. What is with him and should I move on?


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  • You need to move on, he has said openly he doesn't want a relationship with you. I think you need to stop hanging out too.

    If he misses you that much he can have a relationship or nothing. There is no good reason to torture yourself hanging out with him though if this is how he treats you.


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