Girls, Opinion?

Ok, so I have this question for the women out there.

My ex and I split up about six months ago. We exchanged texts every few weeks for about 4 months following the break up. More times than not she was the one to initiate contact ( she ended the relationship via phone after almost three years together).

We haven't exchanged any contact with each other in roughly two months. We're no longer friends on each other's social media etc. I've taken great steps to get over her ( it's been hard). I still have feelings for her etc. but cannot not look past how she ended things and the manner in which she ended it.

Recently I came across a page where her and her son were participating in a charity event for a good cause. They were tasked to raise a certain amount of money for said charity but have not been able too. Neither her friends or family members have supported their attempts to raise funds.

When I noticed that I made a full donation to both of their names and for the entire amount. I did this donation anonymously for fear that she would think that I was trying to get back with her. I didn't tell her that I did this but the thought of them not reaching their goal for this cause and showing up to the event after several months of trying to raise funds was hard to let go. I want them to be successful.

So my question is, do you think I should have done this? Do you think she'll figure out who did it?

Thank you!
Any other takes from anyone else?


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  • You're a strong and amazing person for looking past your breakup and doing something for the greater good.

  • I think that what you did was very sweet, but in the long run you only hurt yourself. Now you are gong to think of her even more whether you mean to or not. Don't put yourself through that torment. I understand your struggle. My dad left a couple months ago and my mom still loves him, she tried to reach out but every time it only led to pain. Even though she might not know what you did to help her, you know. And that will hurt.


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