Best Way to Deal with a Man who a Liar/Cheater? Dealing with a dishonest divorced father... What makes someone this way?

I recently dated a guy who used his kids to lie and string me along instead of just ending things with me (Post: Dated a guy who used his children to lie..), I've recently found out he's done this to other girls, and he used to cheat on his wife before they were divorced.

I was incredibly hurt and when I confronted him I was very straight forward with him and I let him know exactly how pathetic and sleazy I thought he was...

but I'm sitting here wondering...

What makes a person the way they are? Did they have some bad experience to make them that way? Whatever it is isn't an excuse for their irresponsible behavior, but it makes me feel sad for them in a way... that there was some catalyst in their life to make them a bad person. Are they capable of changing?

I'm happy I said what I did to him, but I just wonder what it was that made him the way he is? I just feel so bad for these kids.. I almost wonder if I should follow up with some sort of "motivational message" to tell him to put aside whatever has happened to him and get it together for his kids... it's not to late to become a good person.

It might fall on deaf ears but I wish there was something I could say to just snap some sense into him and put an end to this behavior. I don't want his kids or any more women to get hurt by his poor choices. This behavior needs to end. I wonder if a different approach would resonate more with him.

Is there anything else I say to someone in this situation? I know i'm going to run into this guy again at work functions since our companies work very closely together, is it worth having a conversation or just letting it go?


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  • Who cares WHAT makes someone this way. If they aren't treating you right, they're disrespecting you. If they're disrespecting you, break up/divorce them because you and people that have to deal with this deserves better PERIOD

  • You don't deal with it. You cut them out of your life


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