How do you overcome being taken advantage of in this way?

I had been talking to a guy for about 2 months, he led me on for weeks. He told me how he wanted to change like basically bs & I could see through it I'm 24 so I have some experience & know not to get played & I think I was doing pretty well, I wasn't allowing him to fool me with his perfect & charming words. But this past weekend I was out & he was there cuz he's friends w/ my cousins, & I drank too much cuz i was just frustrated cuz at first I reallyy liked this guy ok, i wanted him to be my boyfriend, besides being kind of a player I saw the good in him & thought maybe he wanted more, maybe he wanted to change his ways but I made sure that I didn't fall for him so anyways back to being very drunk, i drank too much because I just hated the way things were w/ him i knew i was never going to have him the way i wanted him so i just drank & drank so i can loosen up & not care or stress but that was a mistake on my part. cuz by the end of the night i was basically completely blacked out & i honestly dont remember much but im pretty sure he had sex w/ me in the bathroom at his friends house, i have no idea how i got there... i have no idea how i got in the bathroom, i have no idea how i got to his friends house in the first place. I don't remember telling him that i wanted to have sex w/ him. Anyways, the next day he kind of disappeared on me & it hadn't hit me yet, he tried to like talk to me but his behavior seemed VERY strange & insincere. at first he tried to convince me that nothing even happened and he emphasized on me NOT telling my cousins who are his friends. I went along with it for a little bit but as i started to slowly remember bits & pieces from that night, none of it felt right to me, i feel like he took advantage of me, he found me in a vulnerable state & he went for it.
We haven't talked for a couple of days, What do i do? is it bad that i still care about him but im shocked at his behavior after this whole incident and how he completely stopped talking to me.


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  • you have got to take this as a bad experience, because regardless of him taking the advantage, you must of consented otherwise this is a totally different subject, so really, try putting it down to a mistake that won't happen again, and your be ok once you stop feeling disappointed in yourself and him. Also, guys who knowingly take advantage of girls who are vulnerable due to alcohol are sleeze bags in my book anyway, so I personally would keep a distance from guys like that, but that's me.


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