Why does my ex still talk to me so much?

she broke up with me 2 weeks ago and i've seen others say.. their ex's would text them here and there... but my ex actually wants to talk on the phone.. and when we talk on the phone.. she wants to know about my day.. and then she tells me about what she's done, how her friends/family are, etc... but she said she wouldn't ever bring up any other guys unless if I asked her about it... I don't think she still has feelings for me/wants me back... but I've honestly never had an ex.. who still wanted to talk to me on the phone.. even if they wanted to be friends.


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  • She's being selfish. She doesn't love you anymore, she broke up with you, but she still wants you to be there because if you're not, she'll get lonely. Honestly, tell her to go find someone else to talk to. As long as she's doing it, you won't ever be able to move on. On the other hand, when she finally moves on, she'll dump your ass for good, because she won't feel lonely anymore.
    I'm speaking from my experience... but I could be wrong. So use your best judgement...

    • I honestly don't know what to think.. I think I was a big reason why she got turned off from me.. Like I started being too dependent and clingy... I'm not sure if she'll dump me for good or not... What type of signs do you think she'd show.. if she truly wants to get back together one day?

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    • Do you think it's weird.. that she's willing to talk about things that happened in our relationship and the "possibility" of getting back together" ex's that broke up with me in the past.. would ignore me whenever i did something like that

    • She talks about the possibility of getting back together just like she talks about being with other men. So I don't really have an answer for you... I still think that backing off and show her you're not just right there at her service is your best option right now. You don't need to go cold turkey on her, slowly show her you have your own life to take care if and you want to move on.

  • The only reason she is still doing that is because she is lonely and there is no one else so far. She is still used to you and still likes doing what you two did while being together, in a way she didn't breakup completely. But trust me, when she finds someone who she likes, she's gonna want to talk to him instead of you, she won't have time or will for you. You're gonna get replaced. I'm in a same boat as you are right now, my ex broke up with me 6 months ago and he still kept calling me and acting like my boyfriend. It's only because he hasn't found anyone yet, simple loneliness and boredom. I realized this so I don't think about it anymore, no more analyzing. I stopped initiating contact long ago and I am being very platonic and cold towards him now. It's just a matter of time when he finds someone and forgets about me. I'm just already ready for that.

    • Do you think I should start looking for someone new? not in a relationship way.. but someone I can talk to/connect with... see I'm so unsure with this.. because we were really close friends BEFORE getting together.. So I'm not sure if this is a phase.. where eventually she'll forget about me.. or if she really wants me in her life as a friend... because in the past.. I have became very close with a few ex's who are like some of my best friends now.. so I'm not sure what to think... and also.. say if I want another chance... do you think I should start asking about it in a few weeks?

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    • That makes perfect sense... see i don't mind being 'just friends" but I at least want one last try to see if we could work... i realize 2nd chances only happen certain ways..1. the reason you said.. 2. when you move on.. everyone says one of the best ways to get an ex back.. is by moving on from an ex.. I've seen people get their ex's back.. by being friends.. but I think it takes way more time.. and obviously if you are "friends" you still have to kind of flirt with them.

    • I never heard of a someone getting back together by staying friends. I stayed friends with almost all of my exes and none of them ever wanted back. It's true that they do come back once you've moved on though, it's like an unwritten law. They basically miss you. But if you stay friends they not gonna miss you.

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