Would you break up with someone because of their crazy family?

My friend is the most loving, giving, charitable person I know but her in laws are quite literally the devil. They grew up fighting and hating each other and anyone coming into that circle, they drag into their bitterness, anger, and hate. The day before her wedding day, her sisters in law got into a huge fight with her ruining the rehearsal dinner and on her wedding day, her mother in law said she wasn't coming and then anotehr fight broke out as the sisters in law then blamed my friend for some unknown reason for their mom not wanting to come (the mom had done the same for her other sons wedding). At the wedding, her now brother in law literally gave a toast about how he was such a terrible brother to the groom and didn't even know why he wanted him to make a toast. The family has caused so much trouble in the marriage between them fighting with her husband, them hating her, and them fighting with her. The only time the two were free from the drama is when the fighting got so intense, her husband banned the family from talking to her, or coming over to their house for 3 months until they finally began to treat her nicely in order to see their son/brother, but then a few weeks later, they were back at it. Even as a friend, I refuse to go to their family functions because of their drama and fights. She, as well as I, both come from extremly loving, caring, and supportive families so for me, I honestly think I could not deal with that level of drama for the rest of my life and would have to eventually end it with him.

  • I wouldn't break up. I would just deal with the family drama when I had to.
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  • I would break up because life is too short to be dealing with other people's mess.
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  • I was with someone and I really didn't like her family... I didn't break up with her for that but it did add to other cons about the relationship If there was any


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  • I wouldn't I would just never have any contact with that side


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  • I think it's hard to just say to walk away from this person. Especially if their relationship is really good.

    Family drama is no fun. But to walk away from someone who you met, loved enough to stay with for a while and marry is a tough thing. I know for me personally, the journey to find a life partner has been incredibly rough. I don't know how anyone can find someone now, but when they do, or when I do, I'm not letting them go unless they want let go.

    Unfortunately for this person, she has to deal with the family drama. The only thing she can do is talk with her husband about the situation and set up boundaries. As her husband, he has to be willing to wrangle his family and set boundaries. If they are openly disrespecting and harassing his wife, HE needs to take a stand.

    I can't imagine having to live in that type of hostile situation. in my opinion if I was getting married, NONE of those people would have been invited. Yes, that's harsh, but they are incredibly selfish and rude. I know it wouldn't be that simple. But if they are going to start fighting and make the wedding all about them, with complete disregard for the two people getting married, then I think it's justified.

    I would honestly distance myself from that part of the family. Especially if the wife has a loving, caring family. in my opinion I would be spending all of my time with them. And if the husbands family said anything, I would bluntly tell them that it's because they are constantly fighting and no one wants to be around them.

    I agree that this type of fighting can cause serious damage to the relationship. However, they have to work together as a team to set up boundaries and avoid certain situations when they know they will likely happen.

  • I would care just for person I love. Everyone are diff. His family might be really crazy but if he is ok I would stay with him no matter what his family would do. But thing I would do first I is to move somewhere far away from them.

    • Yeah, I really think that is the only way that things are going to get better for her. Either she or they move or he once again bans them from their lives.

  • I find it more interesting tbh and makes things more exciting. I've dated people with strange family but if I love the guy, I just put up with it and see the family less.

  • I wouldn't. If I love somebody I'll never let him go that easily.

  • Why do you care about her family if it is not your family. And why do you care who she gets into a relationship with? Why does it matter so much what her boyfriend or husband thinks of her family? You don't have to date her or marry her. How do you know so much about their marriage? That's funny how you know all this stuff as if you are married to her or something

    • I'm assuming you have no idea what it's like to have a best friend. I've known this girl for most of my life and she is like my sister. Who do sisters tell their drama to? Yes, the best friend, or the sister who has to constantly hear about said drama. In addition my family treats her like the sister she is, so she is at my family functions and I am at hers. It's not a hard concept to understand. You also misinterpret that I am in someway interfering in her personal life. I know its not my place so I offer her an ear to share as best friends and sisters do. But gosh, is there, I don't know, some place on the internet that I can ask a question to others about a thought I had... that turned into a question I had... hmm...

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    • You got defensive real quick when I simply asked you questions and I gave my opinion in my opinion answer and I never assumed anything about you
      Actually you are the one who is assuming stuff about me

    • If you are here to get mollycoddled then you came to the wrong website

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