Falling inlove with a man who was accused of abusing his ex wife, what can I do?

I'm falling for this man who is much older than me (10 - 15 years) . But as I am getting older I am realizing that I want to settle down with someone. I'm not trying to rush into anything, but this guy and his wife got divorced because he apparently was abusive, my dad dealt with them before they got divorced, sort of counselled them.
I've been in an abusive relationship before, and seen how my mom has been through one too...
Should I just walk away?
I can actually picture myself with him in
He's a great guy and has 3 kids.
What can I do


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  • dear
    It seems to me that you're excited about this relationship because of the last abusive relationship that you've been throw

    but what are the positive things that can make this relationship work and ongoing to the next ten years?


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  • Great guy and abusive... these words do not go together. Some things from the past can be overlooked; this is NOT one of those things.

  • Run for the hills!!


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