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My ex and I broke up only a week and a half ago, he broke up with me because of personal issues that he was going through and he didn't want to hurt me in the long run, because he thought that all of his problems were making me unhappy. We were very close, spent a lot of time together, spoke everyday, etc. We work together, so today he ended up coming in for his shift and we did a few hours together, he kinda kept staring at me the whole time and I had to stand at the end of his line and receive the food, when he pushed something towards me it kind of did a flip because he wasn't focusing on it and was looking at me instead and then when it happened, we both smiled and kinda giggled at each other. Do you think there's any hope that he's going to start talking to me again? It seemed like he missed me from how he was acting around me today.


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  • personal issues?
    What kind of personal issues that could made him take that kind of decision?

    • He had his HSC coming up, which is exams for graduation, so he'd have to dedicate like two month to focusing on that, then straight after that he was going to be going to America for two months with his family, over the time that I'd have a six week break from school. Then, his personal issues was pressure being put onto him by his mother, because his grandparents were being moved into nursing homes and his family had to worry about debt and selling the grandparents home, packing it up, etc. and plus there was pressure from school too and work and he said that a relationship was adding onto the stress levels.

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  • Slow and steady wins the race. Don't push or try to hurry things along. Sounds like he hasn't written you off yet; let him go at his own pace.


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