Is he still not over me?

We broke up 2 weeks ago because of our upcoming ldr thingy since i'll be moving to a different country and he said he couldn't take it which made me devastated and I said some mean words to him (including saying that there's another guy comforting me even if it's not true that made him cry in front of me and hated me so much).. The next two days we talked again because I was bugging him to talk to me and I sincerely apologize and he said that he still can't forgive me but he talked to me calmy unlike my twice attempts before. He also said that I really should date someone because he thinks that That's the only way for me to move on but he never said that he will date a girl right now.. And until now, he still blocked me from Facebook. Is he still not over me? Is he still moving on? Cause I think I am slowly moving on right now and I just want to be friends with him again and for him to fully forgive me


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  • he's over it or at least almost over it. he's cutting off contact. how much more could you need? lol i would suggest just leaving him alone. you've hurt him once so just let him be.


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