Should I call to ask if we are still together? Its been a week. Or are we broken up?

so we didn't have contact for a 3-5 days after a big fight. I contacted him 2 times and he knows i need to work on myself and tried to help me. he stayed on the phone for 25 minutes otday and asked about my kids and told me he didn't go to his annual party on Monday... etc. its like a slow return to contact, small talk. we used to see ea. other everyday , text/call a few times a day and called ea. other husband and wife and just celeb. one year together. he got me a very nice jewelry. and had future little plans. but my emotion of illogicality (PMS) is destroying the relationship and he finally stopped calling last week after hurtful words i said to him and he was very mad... when i got to talk to him yesterday... he told me he caught a bad cold.
I want to call him and see if he wants to hang out tonight, since i dont have my children. or just let it be and give him more time... chat once awhile and ask him to meet next week at some point instead or just pretend nothing happened and that we are still boyfriend/girlfriend? at this piont i dont want to push him to say... are we still together...


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  • If you need time to work on yourself, I suggest you work on yourself alone or with a therapist. You should also contact your doctor about your PMS symptoms.
    Not trying to be mean, but maybe a break would not be a such a bad thing. You can focus on your kids and yourself without distractions.
    A man and some jewelry can fix your problems. Romance in media is seen as something that can fix all your problems. The reality is, it does not.

    • he is not here to fix my problems. we love being together and love talking to ea. other other times. we are in love and there are times he would drop what he's doing in the kitchen and come dance with me. its the few times when my emotions hurt him and the relationship. i just want to know if we are still together or if he wants out. or if i should give it another week before asking such question.
      we talked about marriages and kids and moving in. i mean he has said this is a serious relatiosship.

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    • this site has changed a lot. it used to be more fun... well... from a 15 yr. old you sound mature. but i really wanted to ask you something privately. oh well... i don't know how many points u need

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  • you should call and ask.

  • You are together but barely.

    • lol what does that mean?
      you mean he needs more time?

    • haven't use this site for a long time. how do i message u? prehaps u can message me first.

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