Not a messy break-up?

when my ex ended things with me we were still very much in love, just things from his side he needed to deal with emotionally and mentally. We continued to see each other on and off for about 4 months after the "break-up" then he told me he had to cut contact so he could deal with his issues. So my question is if a break up between 2 people isn't messy and there is obviously still love/feelings there, do you think that the other person (the guy) would still have feelings for the girl because of the circumstances of the breakup? That he would still think of the memories from that relationship? The relationship went for 3 years, so it was long term. He has since started seeing a girl, but knowing that we still loved each other/ had strong feelings & connection when it offically ended, do you think there will always be those feelings there/or the feelings could come back?


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  • They could come back.


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