If everything happens for a reason, why is it that my ex still wants to hang out with me, talk to me, and is very receptive when I contact him?

When we hang out we do exactly the same things we did when we were a couple and it feels the same romantically and everything. It feels like we never broke up.

He still has all my pictures and places we went to still up on his main Facebook page.


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  • Seems like he "wants you back".

    If you want him back, ask him if he wants to reconcile.

    If you don't, then you need to cut all contact with him. What you're doing is way too much and it will never allow you two to move on.

    • Does he want me back or is just stringing me along?

      I did ask him back awhile ago and he said "I don't want to get back together now". What does that mean? Like in time he will or what?

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  • Because he's getting all the benefits of being with you without actually being your boyfriend. You have to decide if you want to keep this going or not. If you still want to be with him and he doesn't want to be with you, then you need to go no contact.

    Let him miss you and realize what it's like to not have you in his life.

    Sometimes a person will break up with you and still think you should be in their life.

    Sounds to me like either he still wants to be friends with you or is unsure of what he wants. I would tread carefully with him.

    • Right but I don't want to lose him from my life eighter. Whenever I leave him alone for a month or 2 he never contact me because he knows I'm going to do it. All he saids is I was going to contact you.

      So how can I get him back without doing the no contact thing. Because all its hurting is me?

      Although I don't want to waste time on him if nothing is going to come of it.

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  • You sure the romance is still there? Could just be something you feel on your end, meanwhile, he's just chillin.

    • We'll unless he's faking it but yes we do the exact same things as when we were together. I mean how can I feel all the passion and romance but he can not. Does that make sense?

    • It does actually, happens all the time.

    • What happens

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  • Because he wants to have his cake and it eat it too and he feels he can have sex with you without committing to you. He doesn't love you anymore he just sees you as someone he can talk to and have sex on the side without drama.

    • Without drama?

      How do you know he doesn't love me anymore?

      He was never that big into sex were he needed someone just for that.

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    • Ever? Even though we hang out at times and he tells me he missed me or happy I went over

    • I can not help but feel like you are in denial

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