Could you move on so quick after 3 years?

After a 3 year relationship, of living with your partner, being engaged, only just booking your wedding for next year, and bringing up their son as your own for 3 years would you be able to be in a full new relationship with someone new who has kids (and meet the new persons kids) after just 6 weeks of breaking up?


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  • Could do if I hadn't felt happy in the relationship for a long time, it wouldn't feel like a quick move it would just be a welcome change

    I may be wrong and he may just have rushed in to something new as a rebound and for a sense of excitement and companionship

    • He went back to an ex girlfriend..
      As they last dated in 2007,
      Which makes no sense, as she's had a lot of relationships since him and has a child, who is the same age as my child, and he has had quite a few relationships since her including me for 3 years...
      It makes no sense.

    • Maybe he loved her all along and was trying to recreate that love with you but never did and because of that he's gone back to her

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