Respond or give him a few days?

After a break up should you respond to the other person if they did you wrong?

How long should you wait till you respond?


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  • Only respond if you need closure, if not then simply move on.


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  • give it a few days.


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  • You shouldn't wait. STOP FUCKING AROUND AND PLAYING GAMES. If you want to respond then respond. You sound very immature.

    • clearly you have been in a serious relationship!

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    • I have plenty of times and mine were better than yours because we didn't play games and we communicated instead.

    • If she needed to tell me something was wrong, she would do it. If I needed to tell her something was wrong, I would do it to. We would figure out a solution together.

What Girls Said 2

  • When me and my ex broke up I usually waited hours before responding. I was so mad at him at the time that I didn't even want to respond but he genuinely felt bad so I put up with it.

  • Take time to clear your head. It may take a few hours, it may take a few days. Let your emotions run through you. It's only after you've done this you can make a reasonable decision as to whether to respond to your (ex) partner.

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