This dude's here, there, and everywhere... Please help me!

So, I started kinda seeing this guy three months ago. We're in grad school together and see each other everyday. At first, it was great. We hung out all the time (breakfast, lunch, dinner, walks, etc.), nothing physical happened between us (though I wanted it to!) And one night we hooked up. It was great, but really awkward for a couple months afterwards. I'd see him and he'd play it cool, almost like it never happened. Yet he would still text me here and there with cute little messages. To be honest, I kinda lost interest for awhile just because I wanted him to DO something.

So, here I am, a couple of months later, and he all of the sudden starts texting and calling tons. In the past three nights, we have spent two nights together and hooked up. I had so much fun, but part of me is very leery of letting myself like him. I'm afraid he's just going to do the same thing again. I still see him in school everyday and I don't know how to act . On top of it all, I cannot focus on school at all and I really really need to right now. My question is, should I have a convo with him and ask him what's up? Or should I wait it out a bit longer? I like him, I'm not the type of chick to just be skankish with dudes, and don't want to freak him out, but I'm also a bit like wtf is going on and why do you suddenly want to see me all the time? Any advice you could offer would be sooooo much appreciated!
This dude's here, there, and everywhere... Please help me!
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