My boyfriend left me but I want him back and the odds are low. sos?

Ok. So. Recently, my boyfriend of 2 years dumped me and I feel like I know why already.
1- I feel like I was way too clingy and controlling. I shouldn't have always been finding problems to fix or pushed him to spend time with me. I'm not overly clingy as a person, but he's a really free spirited kind of guy... So even my average ness was probably too much for him. Despite I feel totally at fault and I feel that I could avoid my bad behaviours from before.
2- I feel like a lot of it was curiosity. He's never been with other people and all his friends are single. I think the grass probably looks greener on the other side and thus our problems weren't worth resolving when they could simply be dropped.

Im pretty upset, and I need time to think over it some more of course... But I just want him back. And if I still want him back after a month when I've done all my thinking, how do I go about doing so?
I know my chances are very small since 1-I'm the one who got left so he probably hates me.
2- he'll be travelling soon for a few months and probably wants to be single for that anyways. (He was never this type of guy before so I'm hesitant to believe it but it seems likely. I mean, why be chained down I guess?)

i I guess I'm just looking for any input! Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever left a girl and wanted her back? What was it like? Have you ever gotten back with an ex? Regretted a breakup? Broken up with someone because they were too type a?
Even random input is appreciated. And also: say you went for coffee or something with this ex later. What would you say to them? How can you say you're sorry for what you did or accept fault? If you even need to. How can you show interest or whatnot while you're in a friend setting like that? Is there any way I could make this work at all?
Feeling pretty alone. Any stories are appreciated.


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  • The odds do not seem to be in your favor. It also depends where he is at in his life, if he is single, lonely, looking for a partner, he may be willing to reconcile with you.

    • Thanks so much for the answer. My each I agree with you. I guess I keep looking for possibilities because I was so blindsided by the breakup. I must be in denial so I keep looking for possibility when there really is none.
      Thanks for your help though! Maybe I'll be the 1 in a million and it will be ok or something.

What Girls Said 1

  • "i don't know if you feel the same, but, i still care about you". be gentle. "i still want to be by your side". i hope everything goes well.. :) it's a little advice but that is what i would do.

    • Thanks so much for the answer. I know I have to see him again because we have a couple things to sort out but he said he'd contact me in a week about it. I hope I can just at least convey that I'm open to it and hope that he feels regret eventually. Who knows! Maybe it'll happen! (I can dream right?)

    • let him know that you are here, but don't push too deep. know your limits. :) glad i can help a little. and who knows- indeed. life can give you unexpected gifts, but always keep a solid limit on things. best of luck to you.

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