She likes me so much but I am falling away. She just has so many issues and recently now I have serious issues. This really sucks?

Well it started with something bad, and that is something I should get out in the open. First of all I had a life changing experiance over the last 3 years and recently one thing in my life that had changed was I had for the first time in my adult life, became physically fit, I went to a gym 3-4 times a week and the high from exercise was so great. Unfortionately I did not have a partner in this lifestyle for too long, as my brothers schedule just wasn't helping his motivation after I moved a bit further away.
Anyways I met a Girl online, but I must say, she was looking to meet someone who knew "Crystal". Now I knew what she meant and I also knew that another woman had asked me at a friends house fairly recently if I had ever done it and wanted some. So to this new woman I made a decision to actually go buy some of this stuff and then call this girl up and see why someone would be so upfront about it and her pictures had me quite aroused. Long story short, she is a nice woman, she loves me very much, she has been with me for 3 months, but so has this "Crystal". I no longer go to the gym, she is overly emotional. I may not be perfect, but I think I want to end the relationship and it is dawning on me that although I have great will power, I have put myself in a real jiffy.

But this isn't easy. I don't think I quite understand how badly I was hoping for a woman to finally come into my life, and in comes this one, and under circumstances I know cannot last. We did walk in a park last week and told ourselves we could live a life with out my new friend Crystal, a friend she has known much longer than I have and according to her at a very young age for a long duration before a recess and now recently again. But I have broken the agreement, and my test of her will to be the one to get upset and point out our agreement we made was to be taken seriously was not upheld as she also broke right back into this routine with this "Crystal".


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  • I Think this woman will be bad for you unless you make a decision together...


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