Would you date someone who?

I like this guy. We been having out a lot lately and become friends with benefits. I believe he has developed feelings because He never wants me to go home. He gets mad at me when I want to leave after sex. He said, "Why can’t you spend the night? I want to wake up next to you” I like him but if were not having sex there no point for me to hang around. We text everyday. After trying to get me to stay and holding on to me I finally got dressed. He said "Alright baby drive save" he kissed my hand.

The number one reason why Im not pursuing a relationship with him is because I dont trust him. All I have heard about him is "Hes a hit it and quit it kinda guy" "He cheated on his ex girlfriend she was a good girl"
His friends told me this and they said "He could have changed, maybe he won't cheat on you" But I dont wanna take that risk. I dont wanna have to look over my shoulder or worry about where he is when he's not with me.
I like him but I dont trust him and I could never give my heart to him


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  • Good call. If you're really serious about having a relationship that will last long term, he's definitely not the person to be dating. All he is after is to get into your pants. Being charming and nice to make you feel comfortable with him

    You can do better than this. I won't say Mr. Right is out there somewhere. As I'm still searching for my lady somewhere out there too

    From what I can share with you. Find a guy that you can place your trust in. A guy that's worth investing your time with. After all, we share part of our life with someone that can never be taken back. Make it worth it (:


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