I was slowly dating my ex, had a reaction to a medication, acted crazy, he's blocked me, how can I fix this?

I showed up announced early in the morning 2 weeks ago. Blew up over a situation that could have been handled through a minor conversation. I hadn't been feeling like myself for 3 weeks before this. My Mom and him noticed a change. After I blew up at him my Mom let him know that I had a reaction to a medication. He said he noticed a change and I wasn't myself. He needs some time and wants to be the one to call when he is ready and that he cares about me. A neighbor told him I was peeping through his windows. I may have acted out of character but I NEVER peeped through his windows. When a family member of mine was in the hospital, I couldn't sleep, his light was on, I went to see if he was still up. I looked at his window to see if he was still up. He was studying with a guy friend. I didn't want to disrupt them so I left. Again just showing up was an impulse on medication. I'm pretty ashamed of myself. He has blocked me on social media and maybe even his phone. I have no idea. I'd like to mend the situation the best I can but need the best advice since I acted like the crazy girl... So embarassed!


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  • I feel for you, shit happens in life...
    Give him space, once he feels comfortable, he'll probably come around

    • Thank you for responding. I'm just so embarrassed!

    • Also he is not one to lie ever, even if it's something I don't want to hear but I'm not sure if he just told my Mom that to be polite... My mind is all over the place.

    • Relax, I think everyone has had a moment similar to that at some stage in their life, I know I have :P haha...
      It should be o. k... Give him space, don't force the issue and once he gets back in contact, remember it's a fresh start, have a laugh about it if possible, say it's your evil twin or something haha

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