Seeing my ex-gf. Help?

I haven't seen my ex girlfriend for about 6 months now, but I thought I saw her passing by me today, and My hear started to beat rapidly. I dont know why, Im fine without her. Or am I just telling myself that. Any thoughts?


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  • You still like her &you just remembered her that is it.


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  • I've been in your situation and what worked for me in the past is to clearly define the reasons she is your ex beforehand so you can recall those reasons at a moment notice to in a moment of weakness. Etch those reasons into your mind and use them in to control any chance encounters you might have with her.

    Once you have yourself under control you can approach those moments from position of strength and confidence. Furthermore, there is a chance she might pick up on that new confidence and might find it appealing. You can have some fun with that and a part of her will secretly love it. ;)


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  • Listen to the brain: the heart is an idiot, who gets influenced easily.

    • Perfect advice @RPGamr
      And the first time you see the ex, always has you feeling off

    • @timmy111 Thanks!
      Us GaGers are here to guide foolish hearts in the right path, or at least help them xD

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