Whats a good way to start talking to my ex boyfriend again?

I broke up with my boyfriend of 2 years recently bc we kept fighing about time management. He is very busy with school and work, and I think part of him thought that his stress would decrease if he were single. I kinda caught on and didn't want to make things worse and I had felt that I did as much as I could do for him, so I decided to break it off. He was very upset, but he agreed and we went our separate ways. The thing is that we still like each other and live in the same apartment building so we run into each other a lot. Every time I see him I play it cool and smile, but he always looks so tired and sometimes even tears up a little. Seeing him like that started giving me second thoughts and although I want him back now, I came to the conclusion that I should still give us space to see how things work out in a month or so.

After the month, I wanna initiate contact again (if he already hasnt) but I don't know how to. Do I just say we should eat? Or ask how he's doing? Do i call or text? I would be doing this even if it were to not work out bc we agreed to stay friends by the way.


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  • Talk to him when you see each other at your apartment building


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  • Talk about something he likes or say you need his help moving something in your place then give him a drink and ask how he's been.

  • Start slowly with small talk and relevant conversations through text or social media.


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