WHAT THE HELL, my ex has just got a new girlfriend, help serious question, she is a downgrade?

Okay so I was with him for two years, we had a good relationship and loved each other but then he changed and everything just turned sour, I don't really know what happened its all confusing but one thing I know is that I did love him. He left me and I was devasted, didn't want to be here anymore and didn't want to be with anyone else but him. I tried to make up for our fights and even sent him expensive presents to his house to say sorry, I just bent over backwards and I didn't give up that's how much I cared for him. I would say that Im nice to be around and I'm fairly nice looking, and I'm don't a degree soon. II have had many offers of other people but I preferred to be single

I found out a few days ago he got a new girlfriend and I looked at her photo on Facebook.
i can't. Get. My. Head. Around. This. She is very overweight, has a baby, most likely on housing benefits, basically she's a chav if your from the U. K. She has a ugly face and I have actually seen her in person and she is not a very nice person to be around. I know people will think I'm bitter but she looks horrendous, all my friends and even his friends have messaged me and said that they can't believe it and I was a lot better.

my question is, why has he downgraded to someone who's ugly outside and in as far as I know, when he had someone like me where people used to compliment him on how nice looking of a girlfriend he has and someone that fought for him to the point of nearly killing myself? I just don't understand it.


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  • Why do you even care. You really need to get over this and move on.


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  • i dont want to be pointing fingers here. it might have been your personality. or he's just desperate for pussy and companionship now. or there's sth great about her u dont know!


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  • What does it matter? Get over it. She has some personality trait you don't apparently.


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