Breaking off my relationship, still having second thoughts?

Now looking at the relationship I was in I know I wouldn't be happy. I will go to anything that sounds even a small amount of fun. Clubbing is not scene, but I enjoy going there and letting loose once in awhile. This is my 1st relationship and I was so excited that I would have a partner at my side to bring to fun events. He turned out to be an extremely boring introverted person. Yes I am also somewhat an introvert, but when I am in a group I will talk to everyone and have a good time. I noticed even w/his good friends he doesn't say more then a few sentences and takes no interest in joining conversations. I think he put on an act that he was an interesting person because most of the things he was passionate about have completely disappeared. He never wants to go anywhere that is new and never has suggestions where we could go. He is content w/vegetating at home on his days off playing games. I love him so much, but there are also other things. For person who doesn't know what he is saying he is arrogant. He wants to marry me but went off on me when off on me when I began questioning his goals and where he was going. He is a person who "waits" for things to just happens (it doesn't in life, you need to find it or else you will wait all your life. He told he lives life for the present, which I do too, but I also want to have a good future. Sadly he wouldn't be capable with fixing things around the house, I wouldn't expect a man to do all of that, but at least have some knowledge. For the last couple months I had a deep feeling that he was drifting away, something I couldn't explain, but just felt he was a lot less interested. When I bring up anything that is bothering me he tells me I am overreacting. How can I reassure myself and go through the break up for the sake of my future?


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  • He's not the right person for you. This is why opposites may attract but will never work out


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