Should I End it?

I've been dating this guy for nearly seven months now (we began at the end of the school year last year). For the entire previous year, I really liked him. I thought he was cute, funny, and smart. However, after the school year ended, we didn't really talk over the summer, as we were both extremely busy. Now, school has begun again, and things are kind of awkward. I don't know if he feels it on his side, or if it's just me.

Let me make this clear: there is nothing wrong with him whatsoever. There's nothing that annoys me, but the relationship is simply awkward. I find myself dreading the end of the day when we hug (perhaps "dread" is too strong of a word), among other things.

I think I should end it, but he invited me to a movie in December. I already said yes, but I'm not sure if I want to, now. How can I tell him without making him feel really bad? I want to make sure he knows it's not him. It's me. I just don't think I'm ready for that kind of commitment yet. Also, should I tell him through text or in person? I want to remain his friend, so could we still go to the movie together, but as friends?


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  • Communication is key in a relationship. Neither of you should end up feeling uncomfortable, or unaware of how the other person feels. Talk to him about it. People spend time in relationships because they love each other, and if that love doesn't feel the same anymore, they stop seeing each other. It's not fair for someone else to be committed to a person who doesn't feel the same in a relationship. Talk to him about it, explain how you feel, and see if you can mend your relationship. If yes: great! If not, it's not the end of the world. Good luck.


What Girls Said 1

  • You should just go as friends but tell him how you feel weather it be over a text or to his face, he needs to know.


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