How do I know if he blocked me or put me on do not disturb?

My ex boyfriend and I both have iPhones and we broke up but are so called still friends even though I want to be with him still. But whenever I text him it doesn't say delivered like it usually does. On the iPhone's there's an option hitting do not disturb or block this caller how do I know what he did if it doesn't say messages delivered but the phone call will ring?
I can't stop crying


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  • You can cry all the time, but you won't be able to make things get better by crying
    Crying doesn't mean you're a weak, but it mean that you're looking for an excuse to make things stuck, and that's why you still hurt deep inside

    just give yourself some time and space until calm.


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  • With all due respect... why do you care? why does it matter? lets talk about it?

    • Because I love him and he doesn't want me anymore I'm losing my mind.

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    • Don't blame yourself and beat yourself up. Pummeling your self-esteem will do nothing but sink you even further into depression and make you feel worthless. You're human and you're going to make mistakes. You're going to learn things the messy, painful way sometimes. It's okay. It doesn't mean you're not worthy of love. It doesn't mean you deserve to shit all over yourself with a mean internal dialogue. Give your heart a break and forgive yourself.

    • If you two are truly meant to be, then you will find your way back to one another eventually...

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  • You can't do this to yourself... I mean you have to be strong... he is not even bothered of your being and here you are crying for him... never waste your tears on someone who doesn't deserve it... he is avoiding you... so let it be... you have to be strong and move on... some people just enter our lives as lessons that's all.

    • But I kept lying to him and I said something that hurt him yesterday. I told him if I was normal and in a better position in life I wouldn't even want to be with him anymore. I said I didn't mean it and he broke up with me he said that was the last straw. I ruined everything I lie to him. And I'm wrong I am a piece of shit

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    • No he says I'm a Lier and all I care about is myself and I'm manipulative. And honestly sometimes I think it's true what he says that's why I think I've ruins everything

    • Guys say all kinds of bullshit... and sometimes play victims even when they are not... to me he sounds manipulate... you rather sound like emotional kinds... see there is no use thinking over this... and you want him back even when he said he won't ever get married to you... now thats an ass right there... isn't it?

  • Does it matter? He does not want to be with you. Even if he did not block you he's ignoring you anyways. Contacting him will only hurt you more


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