Guys, is it normal to want to make sure before commiting?

So my boyfriend and I have gotten to a point in our relationship where we see each as possibly marrying. Problem is we both decided to part ways, Becouse there are some things we feel need to get out of our system before making that final commitment. Is that normal? Do people ever really get back together after taking this kind of break? Or is it wishful thinking to believe we can separate and he can get these things out of his system and still come back?


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  • depends on what.

    • He says I'm the girl he wants to marry, but he wants to be single to see if he's positive that he won't feel lustful towards another girl and if he is hed rather be single and get it out of his system b4 asking me to marry him

    • sounds like bs. you can't control temptation-you can only control how you approach it.

  • Not sure. I think there's always a chance y'all can come back around though.


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