Help, in Love and don't know what to do? ANYONE Help?

So, OK, I have liked this guy for a very long time. And before him I was really hurt by a guy I use to like and then I met him. He took me to my junior prom, he was nice and everything. And this made me like him even more. And then we became good friends, thenover the summer we started dating we was only together for 13 days minus the two week we talked and he was my first real boyfriend, even tho he never came to visit but we skyped a lot and all night long. He broke up with me and told me that we broke up because we lived a few towns over and since he didn't have a job, he was mad. And then 4 days after he got with this other girl. And it made me very mad. And now he is with no one. And I'm still in crazy Love with him and we are so called friends and it just hurts to much because I want to be sooo much more than that. And i made him mad now because he is going to Homecoming with his ex he was with after me. And I just don't know what to do no one helps me out with stuff.


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  • girl listen! you are so young. It's though at every age but don't worry, it hurts and you will have other relationships that hurt. At your age, you are dating boys not man. And boys can move on easily from one girl to the other. Plus you were not in the same town.

    Never forget you are worth muche more.
    A MAN who loves you will do anything to be with you and if he can't be there, he'll still demonstrate in some ways he cares.

    Never rush in relationship, take the time to discover the other person before giving yourself otherwise you'll seem to easy and men CHASE or they get bored

    Never seem needy and to do that, you need to live your one life and love yourself. The rest is just extra stuff, your life should not revolve around a man.

    You will live so much more in the future but keep these tips in minds to live healthy relationships...

    Oh ! and never be a REBOUND girl or it will hurt. I'm 30 and just experienced this for the first time and definitely will have learned the lesson. We always learns lessons not to reproduce the same mistakes.

    Good Luck!


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