Why would my ex would text me after over 6 months of breaking up?

He was the one breaking up. I let him go and slowly got over him. He texted me once in a while to know where I was or what I was doing. Never answered or gave very short and "dry" answers. Today, he texted me. Again. To ask me where I was. He just really doesn't get it. He starts with a dumb ass question like "are you in town?" or something.
I ended up blocking his number (it's not something I usually do).
I am just curious of what could be the reason why he just doesn't leave me alone.


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  • Maybe he wanted you back... maybe he just misses you in the moment... maybe he's curious about your life. There are too many possibilities. You did the right thing though. The past is the past and you don't want to let all your hard work of the past few months go to waste. If he truly wants you back he will figure out a way to get to you directly.


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  • He wants sex

    • Yea, he's probably thirsty... But he just keeps on doing that and everytime, he asks me if I'm around or available. That's so annoying! I pretended to be a different person and I told him that the previous chick changed her number. He just snapped on me and started saying lies about me! He's such a dick!

    • sounds like a dick and he is mad that you won't have sex with him

  • Dude misses that clam bruh.


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