Is she copying me?

So my ex broke up with me a year ago. We had some problems to solve, but I do not think it was so bad to lead to a break up. It looks like he had a different opinion though, because he decided to solve our prolmes with someone else... and he left me to be with the person he cheated on me with. Of course the break up was totally unexpected, but when I discovered that a couple of weeks (maybe less...) later he was with that person, it was not diffcult for me to understand what in reality had been going on between them. It was a very painful break up from my part, but I am slowly getting over him.
There is something that really bugs me from time to time though... Well, it looks like this person he is seeing engages in ALL activities that I used to like and do, or that we used to enjoy together or that we were planning to do! What are the odds that he found someone... just like me? I bet she had the opportunity to know stuff about me when I did not even know of her existence, and he surely talked about me when she did not miss the opportunity to offer him a shoulder to cry on - is she copying me to prove that she can do everything I did just... better? Or is he leading her to engage in all those activities because somehow he misses me? Did someone experience something similar? Is this common behavior? I can't believe it's just coincidence, it would be simply incredible.
I know I should not worry about what they do. But seeing what is going on somehow hurts... I feel used and betrayed once more. Understanding the psychology behing this type of behavior may help me move on.


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  • Copying should make you feel flattereee


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