Did he ever really care about me?

I just broke up w/my boyfriend. I had been having doubts about if he was marriage material and also I had a gut feeling that he was no longer interested in me. He is a very passive person who doesn't see the sense in urgency in anything. I tried to bring up these doubts little by little because bottling up these feelings is a bad idea. He told me he was completely content in the relationship and I was being paranoid. He thought I was trying to destroy the relationship. Today I ended it, I couldn't take those doubts anymore. He did everything except admit the fact that we weren't right for each other. I cared for him, but I was "shallow" for wanting him to show progress and growth in life (heck growth towards marriage). He also brought in that I left him for another guy (I met the guy a little while back and he invited me for fun w/a group of friends). Did he ever care about me? Why would he blame me for everything?
Did he ever really care about me?
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