How could I stop stalking?

I just want to stop stalking my (abusive) ex because it prevents me from moving on, but sometimes this desire to check up on him is stronger than me.


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  • You must come to a recognition that you are stalking a fantasy.
    A person that never existed.
    The good that he showed you was on "pretense mode".
    Anytime you feel the urge to check up on him, snap yourself out of it and understand that you are checking up on a person that never had any respect for you.
    You don't deserve that.
    You deserve far better.
    When you bring those feelings to surface of the negativity that he bought into your life, then not checking up on him will be so much easier.
    Of course, this will take time.
    As you stand strong, it will get easier.
    Trust me!
    Good luck <3

    • Thank you for your opinion and for your encouraging words. x
      The thing is that even when I am angry at him I go check up... Even if I know he is a disrespectful and hurtful person, I still do check up for some reason...

    • You recognize your actions , now it's time to break the cycle. That will take work. I gave tips above on how to help conquer that

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  • Set goals. Start of with going 2 days with no checking. Then challenge yourself to 5 days. Then a week. Your final goal can be going a month without checking and then you should reward yourself with something nice :) Remember.. small chunks at a time!

    • Thank you. I will try that :)

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    • How long did it last untill you finally completely stopped stalking?

    • @Asker

      About 2 months :)

  • Block him on everything. Make it impossible for you to check up on him. I know its easy to un-block but don't let yourself. When you feel like checking up on him just go and do something productive instead, if you keep dwelling on the past you'll never move on

    • Thank you for your opinion. I have already blocked him and he has no way of contacting me. But he did not block me so I do check up sometimes...

    • Then distracting yourself is the best method

  • Delete him and block him. Before you know it he'll be nonexistent to you

    • Thank you for your opinion, I have done this :)

    • It takes Time too

    • I know :) But I guess deleting him and blocking is the first step to move on!

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