I miss my exgirlfriend SO DAMN MUCH, what should I do?

Okay, I don't know where to post this to, so I just went with breakup and divorce. But anyway, about a month ago I met this girl off the dating app MeetMe, basically within 5 messages or less, she basically saying she wanted to be my girlfriend. I didn't want to rush into things, so I told her I'd just like to get to know her a little bit beforehand and she wasn't real happy about that but we did, and the next night, I asked her and she said yes. She also said she fell in love with me fairly quickly. Long story short we were in a "relationship" from 8/30 to 9/17, got back together 9/19 then broke up for real 9/20 (pathetic, I know, but just hear me out) we broke up with each other because I was too clingy, but I thought that's what she wanted. She had tagged me in something on Facebook that said she wanted a clingy relationship or something to that effect. We broke up permanently I guess, because we live 70 miles away from each other, I don't drive and she works 12 hours a day, and when she isn't working, she's asleep. She says I deserve better, and I wouldn't get to see her as much as I wanted to, so that's why she broke it off this last time. But she says I'm a great guy and she'll always love me and that sort of shit, and when I told her I had to leave so I wouldn't have feelings for her anymore, she would beg me not to leave then just say don't go when I leave. She said she's talking to another guy, nothing serious though. I've told her several times how I feel, since we broke up and she's never rule it out completely, but she always says I deserve better, but she's all I think about and all I want. I tried to move on, but every time I sleep she's in my dreams... like she just took a piece of my heart, and just friends would've KILLED me, so I'm really trying to go no contact, but I'm about to break down and try to reach out to her one more time. I don't know what the hell I'm going to do, somebody please help me feel better about the situation. Much love.


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  • She seems to think she ain't worthy of you. It seems like you to really love each other so i would say tell her exactly how you feel about her, that you keep dreaming of her, that you can't picture yourself with any other girl. Tell her how much you love her

  • hi i read your post and i want you to know that you have gone so deep in love with her and i want you to know that distance does not matter in love there might be some other circumstance that may have cause the breakup you cannot cheat nature because you will continue to think of her day and night because of the deep love you have for her. i will want you to email me on my private mail there are some tips i will want to share with you which will be very useful for you ok email me on mccartkatty@gmail. com i will be waiting for your mail


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