Guys, its about my ex boyfriend I'm not sure if he still has feelings for me or not he's been acting weird around me like when we dated why?

Me and my ex boyfriend broke up last year after we broke up he got a girlfriend they broke up during the summer and he got another girlfriend that hated me so he broke up with her cuz she hated me ever since the break up he's been hugging me giving me piggy back rides and trying to hold my hand even while we are hugging I still have feelings for him but I don't know if he has feelings for me he's been so nice lately and in second period he keeps getting out of his assigned seat to sit by me what is happening?
Today my ex was acting different than usual he didn't want to hang out like we usually did he didn't really look at me much I don't know maybe because me and my friend wich is also a guy we've been getting close and people are starting to think we r going out everytime someone says something about us my ex looks pissed I don't know why can anyone tell me?


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  • I think he misses you and still cares and have feelings for you. If he didn't then he wouldn't be putting in a lot of effort to still flirt with you.


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