He broke up with me, married her, got her pregnant... now wants me back, What kind of mess is this?

My boyfriend and I have a 4 yr old child together and I met him while I was in college. When I finally relocated to be with him I started seeing how unstable he was. He went from being an engineer to working at Walmart, Mcdonalds, Pizza hut and even with the lower wage jobs there was never stability. Usually he would get a job and go through a period of no issues and then suddenly he would quit.

So in May 2014 he moved out and we broke up. Then suddenly in August we attempted to make things work. One of the things he wanted was for me to have another baby with him and to move back in with him in his apt. I told him no, not until I see some real changes. So in Jan of this year he dumped me and got someone new. He then married her in July of this year and I just found out in late Aug. she is pregnant. Now all of a sudden he wants me back and as you guys may have guessed I am not interested. In stayed with this man so long bc we had a child together, but now things are crysal clear that he will never change.

As you may have guessed he got fired or quit at this job and the wife also got let go as well. My question is what goes on in a person's thought process to have the audacity to even try and come back after all he has done. He is 32 and I am 27. He begged me in Nov. of last year to move back in and in a little over a month he dumped me.


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  • He doesn't know what he wants in his life.
    All of that is proven by his instability.

    Even if you were to take him back, his pattern behavior shows that it won't be long before he does something self absorbing , and irresponsible again.

    Just continue doing what is best for the little one.

  • It's not worth it. He is not ambitious for you.


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