What should I do about this situation?

So my boyfriend of 3 years we have been for almost a month now arguing and not getting along not able to compromise because he says I'm always accuse him and he's tired of it and he's done and he's unhappy he kept talking to me trying to give me a chance I decided not to go through that his social media stuff and then I found out that one night when he got off of work late him and his co worker (a girl) tried to take uber pool and the driver supposedly got confused and dropped him off at her place and he had to take another uber from there I checked the time and seen he requested A uber about 7 times and then cancelled it and 12 mins later was at her house and requested another uber. He said he didn't do anything it was a misunderstanding my question is he's not even fighting for me and even agrees with me being done what should I do?


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  • Sounds like he's unhappy. Either you two have to sort it out and get back together in a romantic relationship (no arguing or to a healthy level). Or you two are alienating each other.

    • What about what he did with this girl

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    • Well I hacked into his snapchat and talked to this girl as him and said that "my girl found out I was at your place last night" and she said "how? Is she mad? Did you tell her we were waiting in the lobby for your uber?

    • well... was he waiting or not?

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