Who should break the NC first?

So my ex dumped me a week ago, because of the distance and we wouldn't work out like that but wanted to remain friends, i said okay, later i called her and said that it wouldn't be good for me, so i told her that i needed some time without contact.. she gently said okay, she understood... in which case, i dont think she doesn't even care about the breakup lol, and i dont want to fall in that false hope that by talking to her we would get back together or anything, nonetheless i have a question, who would have to be the first one to break the NC here? since i was the one that asked it i thought it had to be me, but anyways i broke it because i needed to ask her for something and she wasn't nice to me, afterward she asked me something and i said i couldnt do it (truth) she said "its okay" and i said ok and then we haven't spoken ever since. in this case who would have to be the one breaking the no contact? the dumpee or the dumper? PS: she took me for granted and i want to think that maybe she will miss me and hmu later on realizing shit but then again, false hopes there on which i dont want to rely, I just want to move on even tho its hard and i really love her.
Who should break the "NO CONTACT" first?


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  • Watch coah corey wayne's video on youtube. You'll learn a lot.
    I myself have been kick in the butt recently. And I have decided not to try to get him back at all. Plus I realized I'm a rebound which never happened to me before.
    Franckly it sucks.
    If she let you go, she does not care as much as you do. You'll find someone better.
    Just take your time, don't rush, don't seem needy and live for yourself first.

    "The strongest person in a relationship is the one who cares less".

    • @momis84 Corey Wayne !! Genius

      For the guy asking, you got dumped, don't break no contact, show some self respect and start healing

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    • Hey just focus on yourself first and who knows she might change her mind.
      My boyfriend said he wants to get back together. I accepted it, talk little about the past since it is hard to avoid but changed the subject.
      We will be takinh thing slowly only once a week and I'll set the date went i want and when Im available. I got my life my friends and being a strong person is what makes the other interested. Focus on that.

    • she's contacted me a couple of times now, but its like she wants my attention but im ignoring her because either she is kinda mean for no reason or she is just looking for excuses to hit me up which makes her look so immature, i still love her and i just feel bad for how she changed so much in just a month, ... im not responding to her messages since there's no point, they are just attention seeking messages with an egocentric tone, she wants to control me with bitchy attitudes and i just ignore her because i dont think cursing her out would be very good for now lol

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  • It takes time.


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