Help me what should I do?

I m in a relationship with someone for more than 7 months and we both love each other but used to have fight often over stupid things... But always used to get back to each other no matter what.. I m a jealous type of person.. But lately whenever we used to hve fight every time she said she wanna break up and didn't do yet.. And its been more than 6 times she said she wanna break up with me coz i get jealous easily at her.. And says she wanna break up coz we often fight... But still she listens to me.. still she talks to me after while... I dont knw what she really want.. pls help me... she said me many days whenever we had fight she said she wanma break up


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  • I think you both need to have a proper conversation about this when you're both calm with each other and aren't arguing. Just get all of your feelings out to each other and then work on a solution. Communication is key!

  • Give her a break


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