Struggling w/a break up w/a guy that was never right for me?

So I broke it off w/my ex because he no longer seemed to care, but when I brought up that I felt that he didn't want to do anything about it. I know he wasn't the guy for me as he put on a fake face where he made me think he was something he was not. In the beginning I had not doubt he cared about me, but as time went on I had a feeling in my gut that he was pulling away. I was very worried about our future due to his lack of wanting to do anything and tho I loved spending time w/him it always somewhat bothered me that he never wanted to do anything (productive) or really go anywhere new. He was unambitious, lazy, disinterested in everything or going anywhere. Marriage was discussed on both ends, but he never did anything to progress the relationship further. He told me I was mean and selfish for wanting him to start being ambitious and actively looking for something better. He would insult people w/different views, he told me I was overthinking when I would have hurt feeling. He was very arrogant who thought he was great. My job is monotonous (currently searching for a new one), the one thing I had to look forward to most of the week was frequent texts and visiting, him coming over almost everyday. When I broke up w/him he acted like this was something new, how I just wasn't satisfied w/him and I was being shallow (I brought up those doubts because it worried me because I was getting bored). He even questioned me if I left him for another only due to me getting fed w/him leaving me at home to go the bar w/his friends once a week and the guy invited me out to a bar w/a group of people. I know w/work a routine can be broken, how do I cope?


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  • leave him/ no more contact. Things should be simple. If a man loves you, he will do anything for you. Otherwise, if he is absent, if he is mean, if he doubts his feelings it just means he does not love you.

    "the strongest person in a relationship is the one who care less".


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