Guys, Guy giving me the silent treatment! Help please?

So been dating this guy a month. Things going good, chemistry, easy, we had a laugh. Then he started throwing mixed signals. After much decision I told him that if he wanted to call it a day then that's fine if understand & respect his decision.

His response was: call it a day? You been speaking to your friends or something? If you want to call it a day that's fine, I just don't get where this has come from? x'

i explained that I felt he was loosing interest and apologised if I had the wrong end of the stick. I told him I liked him & that I wanted to see where it goes. But it's been a day now & he hasn't replied. Guys if you were confused & needed some think would this be why you gave someone the silent treatment?

I dong get the cold shoulder, it wasn't an argument more like a civilised talk & I even said if he wasn't interested I respect his decision. So what's his deal?


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  • Well... I'd take it like he wants to cause you to loose interest without explanation or confrontation.
    Perhaps he is interested in someone else and is focusing his energy into that relationship.
    It sounds to me you expressed your feelings and intentions clearly... And his lack of response is clearly an indication that he is either completely dense... Or he doesn't feel the same way and is on to something or someone else.
    I would just let things rest where they are, don't send him another message... If he wants to respond he will... But personally I think his callous lack of response says it all.


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