Girls, I made a sizable donation to both my ex and her son for an up coming charity event. Was that wrong?

My ex and I have been broken up for several months now. We've had zero contact of any sorts for the past few months and are no longer friends on any type of social media.

I I felt very close to her and her children for the three years that we were together. To me they were my world but she ended up ending things out of the blue one day via a phone call and a follow up email. Certainly not how I would have done things but everyone is different.

Anyways, her and her son are participating in a charity event in support of a good cause. They were tasked to raise a certain amount of money for the event. My ex has been plugging this event for several months now and has not received one donation for either her or her son. No family or friends have contributed a dime not even the sons father.

Bottom line! I couldn't stand the thought of them going to the event with nothing to show and it bothered me they have received nothing up to this point (according to web site). I made a full donation for both of their asking amounts. I did this annoyomisly for fear that if I put my name down she would get upset.

Im sure she'll probably figure it out... oh well you can't control who you care about.

Should i have done this? Thoughts on my actions?


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  • That was very nice if you did it for the right reason


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