Would a guy act like this even if he had no intentions of having a relationship with a girl?

Would a guy that held your hand (and messaged it lol) while watching a movie at a party, and then ask for your number, not be interested in actually having a relationship with you? (it was at a friends party and your like the new addition to the group.) He and his friends start talking about seeing a movie the next day and he invites you to go, but you say you can't because your busy.

He asks for your number but you end up getting involved in something else so you never do.

Your friend tells you he texted her and asked for your number.

Eventually after your friend brings him to an outing, you become friends and exchange numbers.

Whenever you'd text him he'd seem like he really liked talking to you but yet he never initiates a text. :/

You seem like your flirting with each other.

Your pretty and people tell you all the time that you should be a model.

He's OK looking, but nothing special. kinda cute. He's really funny and goofs all the time.

You think he likes you.

But if a guy did like you, wouldn't he text you all the time? Especially if you have texted him four times already?

He seemed to like you.

So am I right in thinking that he was just having some fun and had no real intentions of trying to have a relationship?

What do you make of the situation?


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What Guys Said 1

  • I'm a dude and I can say without a doubt, as a dude, that he's interested. He simply wouldn't of tried to hold your hand and definitely wouldn't ask for your number if he's just going lookin for fun. The problem is here, is you. You didn't originally give him your number, you turned down seeing a movie, he probably doesn't want you to think he's a creep. Show him some definitive sign that you like him (Guys are stupid btw, don't do some crazy incognito stuff, do something really definite, like kiss him) and he will know he's not gonna get freaked out on for tryin to get with you.

    Many girls treat a guy like he's a serial rapist simply for trying to get a date. As a result, many dude's are kinda iffy when a girl does things that seem to be geared towards avoiding him, like not going to that movie. Let him know you like him and you will end up in a relationship, simple as that.

    • Thanks! :) But what if this guy is a flirt anyway? Like, your one other friend that is friends with him says he's a flirt and does that kinda stuff when you asked about it?

What Girls Said 1

  • Maybe he's started to get a little bit intimidated and if he enjoyed the time with you he's seeing how great you are and questioning how worthy he is of trying to be with you. I can't say for sure but it sounds like he may want you to start acting like you like him now since he's already obviously showed you he liked you. He wants you to reciprocate it and maybe text him first. He's made the first move now it's time for you to step up and show some interest back... ONLY if you are truly interested. Don't lead the poor boy on. plz

    • Thanks : ) I appreciate it!

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